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By any means 2014 is going to be difficult for Ukraine. An important external factor to be taken into account by governments in many emerging market economies including Ukraine is Federal Reserve policy towards quantitative easing (QE). As soon as QE is stopped, costs of borrowing on international markets for emerging market countries might increase… » read more

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The Black Sea emerging market countries are highly dependable on their external environment. This dependency goes through both goods’ and financial markets. With a shaky situation on international goods’ markets and their prolonged recovery it’s very likely that all countries of the region will depress possibility of their economic growth (at least in a short-run).… » read more

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Many CIS countries are highly dependable on their working migrants. This dependence comes from both directions – own population who work abroad and labor migrants working inside the country. Recent case of Biryulovo district in Moscow (with some 130,000 population) shows that ignoring problems, which might appear due to increasing number of labor migrants, might… » read more

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As an open small economy Ukraine might be able to show a dissent economic progress when international economy is on an upward trend and might be badly affected when it goes down. Increase in negative expectations on possible capital outflow from emerging markets might lead to contraction of economic activities in Ukraine. The current level… » read more

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